About Us

Key Functions - Ministry of Business, Trade & Cooperatives

▪ Supervise Government-owned industries and companies

▪ Monitor the development of a multi-product park, SMEs clusters, and other critical investment infrastructures for industrialization

▪ Monitor the economic programmes and projects in the State and generate feedback for economic planning

▪ Conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys of economic opportunities for and update the State’s investment guide

▪ Drive strategic framework for MSMEs and cooperative societies’ regulation, development and empowerment

▪ Coordinate entrepreneurship and MSME development initiatives

▪ Identify and promote business and industrial clusters development

▪ Conduct trade promotion and participate in trade expos

▪ Identify investment opportunities and facilitate credit and funding interventions for MSMEs

▪ Registration, renewal of business premises and cooperative societies

▪ collect and collate data for business and investment opportunities

▪ Promote, coordinate and monitor innovative financing schemes for micro, small and medium enterprises

▪Provide skill and management training that support entrepreneurship and growth of small business (advisory services/guidelines)a

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment to stimulate industrialization and accelerate domestic and foreign investment, champion the development of MSMEs to create jobs and drive inclusive growth while promoting the integration of Edo- based businesses into regional and global value chains

Our Vision

To drive economic growth and generate wealth through policies that make it easy to do business, attract investments and develop enterprises in Edo State.

Our Mandate

Our mandate is to drive industrialization, trade and investment by engaging in wealth and job creation activities

Mandate - Ministry of Business, Trade & Cooperatives

The Ministry of Business, Trade, and Cooperatives (MBTC) is charged with the following under-listed responsibilities:

▪ Promote business, investment, and industrialization by engaging in wealth and job creation activities

▪ Coordinate entrepreneurship and micro small and medium enterprises scheme development initiatives

▪ Identify and promote business & industrial cluster development

▪ Facilitate credit and access to funds for micro small and medium enterprises schemes

▪ Conduct sensitization campaigns, export promotions, trade promotion, expos, and exhibitions

▪ Collect and collate data on businesses in the State (registration of business premises, coordination and issuing guidance on registration of cooperative societies)

▪ Formulate trade and business policies to govern all functions and activities of the Ministry with particular focus on MSMEs development

▪ Supports registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through the provision of business trainings, promotions and business advisory services